Digital Transformation


Consultancy lies at the heart of our digital transformation solutions. We don’t just implement. We investigate and advise. Our team has a unique mix of experienced business process consultants, technology experts, and support solutions staff that combine their years of experience to provide a customer-focused solution that creates efficiencies in our client’s businesses. We will endeavour to understand your business, its pain points, and most importantly its potential to improve. We help businesses improve their customer experience by being focused on guaranteeing satisfaction for our customers.

Document Scanning

Our document scanning services are completely flexible based on our customer’s needs. With the potential to send us all your paper for processing and even setting up a scanning facility in-house for our clients, we have the right connections with the right software and hardware providers to set up the ideal solution for our clients. Every project is unique. From AP & invoice processing, digital mailrooms, patient records, and customer onboarding to back archive scanning – we have the experience to implement a unique process to optimize each solution tailored to our client’s needs.

Workflow & Robotics

What do you do with your documents after they are scanned? We convert it to intelligible and actionable data by using data extraction, automated classification, and routing. Data extraction allows you to extract all relevant metadata from documents, then triggering automated classification where a further step of logical inputs allows the work to be distributed whilst retaining operational control to flag key points and set SLAs. Manual repetitive tasks can be identified and robotic process automation comes in to reduce manual inputs and drive efficiencies to allow your teams to focus on higher-value work.

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