Boutique eDiscovery Solution provider in the United Kingdom

eDiscovery solutions allow legal teams to process, review, tag and produce electronic documents as part of lawsuits and investigations. Our Solution can assist legal professionals in discovering valuable information regarding a matter while reducing costs and speeding up the review process.
Our eDiscovery solution can automate everyday discovery tasks such as data ingestion, file indexing, OCR, and preparation of documents for review & production.

Our Unique eDiscovery solutions can be tailored to every client’s unique needs.

Flosmart’s flexible approach to eDiscovery allows its client’s to opt for the traditional approach to eDiscovery that includes data processing, hosting, and monthly user access for your legal teams, or you could opt for our one-time processing option that eliminates hosting and monthly access fees.

Flosmart Sloutions - Discovery Simplified


Upload files in any format
Automatically convert native files to PDF
Virus Scanning


Run keyword searches
Filter by email ID or domain
Email threading with end thread detection
Automatic attachment & embedded file processing


Download documents instantly
Create productions & templates
Share documents instantly with a link

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