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Flosmart Solutions provides a full range of legal support services in the UK including eDiscovery, Document Scanning, OCR, eBundle preparation, Case Management Platforms, Electronic Presentation of Evidence, eHearings, Transcription and Bundle Printing.

Our team has years of experience in the legal industry from the UK, India and the UAE. Our teams’ experience includes a UK qualified solicitor who ensures that all our projects are completed to the highest international standards.

Our full range of services puts us in the unique position of being the only full service legal support solutions firm based in the UK & the Middle East.

Discovery & Review

When a matter commences, firms receive information – either as boxes of files or hard drives and USBs. Flosmart’s Document Scanning Team and unique Pay-as-you-go or one time eDiscovery Solution can help optimize the review process.

Physical files can be scanned, indexed, and OCR’d to make them searchable. With a click of a button, we can upload any data to our eDiscovery platform which dedupes, converts and categorizes the data making review simple, fast and easy.

These documents can be compiled and reviewed on our electronic platform or printed into neat legal bundles for physical document review using our quick turnaround legal bundle printing services.


eDiscovery, Document Scanning, OCR, Indexing, Electronic document conversion & renaming, Organizing & categorizing documents, Bundle printing.

Submissions & Hearings

As a matter moves through from review to claim submissions, counter claims, hearings & tribunals, we support firms with our Case Management & Trial preparation platform & document production services. Our platform and our team can help paralegals and legal secretaries by stamping exhibit numbers, paginating documents, creating and populating indices and finally producing premium quality eBundles & printed bundles on short notice.

Our trial preparation platform is a part of our wider solution for Hearings. Whether in-person, virtual or a hybrid – Flosmart can manage the entire hearing with our services including Court Reporters, Electronic Presentation of Evidence, Real Time and Daily Transcription and even equipment rental.


Our eDiscovery solutions can be tailored to suit every client’s unique need. From one time processing to long-term investigations we have the right solution for every need.

Our Legal Scanning services can provide our clients with an accurate & efficient way of reviewing their data. We can scan documents at our client’s offices or in our bureau and quickly digitize documents making them easily available for review.

Our award winning case management platform is easy to use and a cost effective solution for our clients. Learn more.

Electronic Bundle Preparation

Our team of highly trained professionals can assist legal teams in preparing eBundles. Our services include document renaming, pagination, index creation, hyperlinking and more.

Our legal bundle printing can save law firms time by reducing their stress with our ability to print high volumes of documents around the clock and meet those tight deadlines.

Flosmart also provides solutions for hearings & arbitrations. We use the latest technology to provide, EPE systems, court reporters, transcription services & equipment rental.

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